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Twelve Traditions

1.  Dual Anon has one purpose: to help families and friends of people who experience a dual disorder of chemical dependency and emotional or psychiatric illness.  We do this by practicing  the Twelve Steps of Dual Anon, by welcoming and giving comfort to one another by sharing our experience, strength and believable hope, and  by giving compassion, encouragement and understanding to people who have a dual disorder. 

2.  Our individual recovery depends on Dual Anon unity.  We carry the message through our personal recovery and our service work. 

3.  Dual Anon recognizes one ultimate authority–a loving Higher Power as expressed in our group conscience. 

4.  Relatives and friends of people with a dual disorder, when gathered together for mutual aid, may call themselves a Dual Anon Family Group, provided that as a group, they have no other affiliation. 

5.  The only requirement for Dual Anon membership is having a relative or friend who has a dual disorder of chemical dependency and emotional or psychiatric illness. 

6.  Each group is autonomous except in matters affecting other Dual Anon Family Groups, or DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous). 

7.  Every Dual Anon Family Group is self-supporting through our own donations. 

8.  Dual Anon does not endorse, finance or lend the Dual Anon name to any outside enterprise.  Although a separate entity, we always cooperate with Dual Recovery Anonymous. 

9.  Dual Anon is a volunteer, self-help organization.  To carry out our service work, we may employ special workers, form committees and coordinate projects. 

10.  Dual Anon is a non-professional program. We do not provide chemical dependency, mental health or other social services.  Dual Anon has no opinion regarding the appropriate use of medications or other methods of managing dual disorders. 

11.  Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we maintain anonymity in all public media. 

12.  Personal anonymity is the right of every Dual Anon member.

Twelve Traditions of Dual Anon in printable format