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What to expect at a meeting

At a Dual Anon Family Group meeting you will be greeted by compassionate, caring people who understand your pain, because we have been in the exact spot you are in now.  All of us have experienced the despair of watching a loved one struggle with a dual diagnosis of chemical dependence to alcohol or drugs and an underlying emotional or psychiatric illness.  All of us have tried to “fix” our loved one with whatever strategies we could think of, all to no avail. 

During the meeting you will hear the Twelve Steps of Dual Anon.  By applying these principles to our lives we learn to detach with love and allow our loved ones to find their own road to recovery when they are ready.  We learn to patiently and compassionately encourage their efforts in recovery, while caring for ourselves and learning new coping skills.  At a meeting you will find people in all stages of recovery, but we are all working toward finding serenity, freedom and inner peace. 

During the meeting you will hear the Serenity Prayer.  We are not a religious organization, although we embrace the concept that a spiritual connection can guide us on our path to recovery.   Our goal is personal serenity and spiritual growth, and we strive to accomplish that by using a variety of available resources. 

During the meeting, you will hear our members share their stories.  You will hear their experiences, and be inspired by their strength and hope as they share the strategies that have worked for them.  You will have an opportunity to share your story, but will be under no obligation to do so until you are ready.  By listening to others’ stories, it is likely you will hear at least one message that resonates with your personal situation; it may be the message that will give you strength to get through another day. 

During the meeting, we use only first names and last initials.   You can be certain that what you share in a meeting will remain confidential. There are no dues for membership; a basket will be passed during the meeting for those who wish to contribute. 

If you have other questions about Dual Anon Family Group meetings, please contact us.